Been a while since I played a Tekken.

This is slightly overwhelming in terms of sheer amount of stuff.

About sixteen billion characters available and a load of different modes.

After going through basic training – which isn’t of much use if you’ve ever played a fighting game before – I chose a Quick Battle and ended up being a panda. My opponent was a polar bear. I lost. Very quickly.

Then I went to Story Mode and chose the default character, Lili, and went through a few fights until some penguins distracted me by being cute and sliding on their bellies and Jack-5 ripped me apart.

Next up I went into Tekken Dojo mode, which wasn’t explained very well, but which seems to be very similar to Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution’s big single player mode. I set it on easy and after winning five matches in a row as Lili I’m now a 9th kyu. Which is a rank of some sort.

Anyway, modes and penguins aside, it seems very slick and good fun, though I’m only one step up from button mashing right now.