So, to recap, after failing to save Bishops Stortford from relegation, I found myself jobless. Eventually Gateshead offered me a short-term contract asking me to get them promoted from the Conference North. Wasn’t too hopeful, but took the job anyway…

And, gosh, what a difference! For one thing, they’ve got some players worth more than £2,000. Somehow, just before I arrived, they even managed to buy someone worth £20,000 from a League Two side. He is amazing. I’ve played two games with Gateshead so far and he’s scored four times and the media are falling over themselves to praise him. If he stays free of injury we’re home free… but that’s hardly likely over the whole season. At Stortford I was fairly lucky with the injuries until the end of the season, where three key players were out for a couple of months.

Just the quality of the footie on display is amazing. I’m seeing runs and teamwork and pace that I never, ever saw while managing football. It’s like the match engine’s been upgraded between seasons.

Anyway, this is the best (C/F)M game ever, I’m confident in saying.