Yes, I’m a sad old Start Wars geek. As soon as I finished the PS3 version, I turned on the PSP.

Same story (if cut down a little), completely different level design, decent controls, horrible camera. I’ve been having fun with it, though it’s definitely not perfect. The camera is a real issue and I think it might get a bit too hard later on.

One very nice thing is that it has game types not in the big console versions. There’s a series of one-on-one duels against saber-users from throughout the Star Wars time line, there’s a survival mode, a series of short arena-based missions from the Star Wars film and, er, I think there’s another game mode I’ve forgotten. Best of all, you can choose your character for some of these modes, so I get to be Asajj Ventress, which is always nice.

It’s a real shame these modes aren’t in the major console versions, as they’d really help to pad out a very short game.