So, I tried playing My Brute yesterday evening. It got to the title screen, but the button wouldn’t respond, so I couldn’t progress. I tried a few times, rebooted my iPhone, finally got it working, only to find that I hadn’t quite left it twenty-four hours since I last played, so I couldn’t do anything.


Later that evening my iPhone informed me that there was an update, to version 1.7. It adds a new arena and, um, some other stuff I don’t remember, but which didn’t sound especially interesting. By this point I was actually able to play, so I finally got to see my dog in action.

I actually won a few of my fights last night. The dog doesn’t do much damage, but it does add up – and he’s good at taking a hit or two for you.

It’s worth noting, too, that I’m only using one character, when I could have three, so I could actually be playing more if I felt like it. (The game lets you have nine in total, but only if you recruit people to unlock the extra slots. I’ve talked about how much I hate the policy of locking features unless you recruit other players before, but I’ll mention it again. I hate it. It’s rubbish.)