This one’s been stirring up some controversy today.

Not about the quality of the game – pretty much everyone agrees that it’s excellent – but about the price.

It’s £1.79.

Out of context, that doesn’t sound like much. It’s about the price of half a pint of beer for an exceptional game.

However, there are two important bits of context.

Firstly, you can play the game for free on the web HERE.

Secondly, it feels very much like the sort of game that would sit with Mr.AahH!, Run and Skybound at the 59p price point. You can get all three of those excellent games for the price of Canabalt on its own.

A lot of people, therefore, aren’t buying it, either because they think it’s simply not worth the cost, or because they believe the developer will be forced to slash the price before long.

So why did I buy it, then?

Simply because it’s an excellent game. It looks gorgeous, it sounds brilliant and it’s fast, addictive and exciting. I’ve played the web game a lot and now I can carry it around with me and play it wherever I am. And that’s worth £1.79 of my iTunes credit balance.