Guerilla Bob is a decent, level-based twin-stick shooter. You run from one end of the level to the other, killing everyone in your way.

There are three weapons to choose from, with associated strengths and weakness. The rocket launcher is powerful and has splash damage, but has a slow rate of fire, for example. As you might expect, there are also power-ups to pick up, often just slightly off the main route through the level.

Guerilla Bob

Sometimes it's day, sometimes it's night - just like real life!

The controls are decent, the graphics are nice and it’s certainly not a bad game at all. It isn’t one of the very best iPhone games, but at the sale price of 59p you’re definitely not going to regret buying it. Think of it as Commando without grenades, or something.

Also, though, it gets extra points for using a cigar as your health bar. I like that a lot. Mind you, in the current climate, I’m surprised Apple let that through, the big nannyish idiots.