Spent hours – hours! – last night trying to beat my high score in Gravity mode. Some of my Facebook friends have got this now, so I can see exactly how bad I am compared to people I know. I don’t mind being worse than strangers, but it’s different when it’s your own chums.

Anyway, after hours and hours I got a slightly better high score… and then proceeded to destroy it, getting me a score of fifty-four and putting me top of my friends list.


Take that, friend people!

It’s still not as good as the score I had before I had to change my iPhone, but it’s respectable now – and will be until my friends beat it again.

According to my stats page I’ve spent about nine hours on the game now, not including the time I played on my old iPhone. That’s not bad value for, um, however much I paid for it. I think I bought it when it was £1.79. Not that it matters. 59p, £1.79, there’s not a lot of difference when a game’s this good.