Still thoroughly enjoying this. I’ve got thirty-three percent of the map uncovered now, but I suspect the two-thirds I’ve got left is going to take a lot longer to uncover. Had some trouble with a boss fight over the weekend, but it didn’t hold me up for long – I just had to make sure I played better. The normal enemies are mostly very easy, as long as you keep an eye on your health between fights. (The bats seem to have a “paralyse” move that’s intensely annoying, though. I thought the game was broken the first time it happened.)

Castlevania Puzzle

Not a boss - this fight should be over quickly.

I’ve noticed that some people seem to be having trouble with the “swipe down” move… probably because there are two different ones. A long swipe down with your finger speeds up the speed the blocks drop, but you can still move left and right while doing it. A short swipe down drops the blocks in place straight away and is a much more useful move, I reckon. If you’re having trouble with the controls, I hope that helps.

Also, you can skip a lot of animations by tapping the screen – including the pointless pre-battle screen.