When I last counted, I had 165 games on my iPhone – and that’s after deleting around twenty to make room for FIFA 11. Why bother to keep all those there, when I mainly play new games.

Two reasons:

1) Apple’s idiotic way of deleting your save data when you delete a game. You can’t delete a game, reinstall it and then resume from where you left off. You’re going to have to start over. Why this hasn’t been fixed over the years I don’t know, because, pardon the language, it’s both fucking stupid and fucking annoying. It’s blackest mark against the iPhone as a gaming platform and a sign that Apple haven’t quite “got” games yet, despite selling millions upon millions of the buggers.

2) Every now and again I fancy playing something I’ve not played in ages.

Case in point: Diaballic. It’s an a randomly-generated endless platformer, cut from the same cloth as Canabalt, Robot Unicorn Attack, Run, etc.


See gems, get gems, die.

It’s full of tricky platform jumps, power-ups and obstacles and, with its left, right and jump buttons and precise controls, feels more like a traditional platform game than the one-touch and gesture-controlled games it shares a folder with on my iPhone.

It’s only good, though, when you remember you can double jump, until then it feels frustrating, unfair and you wonder why you kept on your phone for so long. Well, you do if you’re me.