New Adventure Island (WII)

A new addition to the Virtual Console this evening. It’s the same as my beloved Gamecube version apart from the graphics, I think. It plays brilliantly well as is finally balanced between learning and reactions. Great platform game that more people should play, but won’t.

Star Soldier (WII)

I can’t get off the first stage.

R-Type (WII)

I can’t get off the first stage.

Everybody Votes Channel (WII)

Interesting new channel appeared on the Wii today. It gives you a list of questions with two answers and you answer them, then predict what the rest of the world will say. It’s dogs vs. cats and boiled vs. fried and it’s a slightly odd addition to the Wii Channels family.

Odd little free gift or data-gathering cashcow for Nintendo? I guess time will tell.