Notice how I’ve been making an effort to write more than usual today? To discuss the games or related topics at greater length than normal?

Well, I’m a bit stuck now, because there’s not really anything very much to say about Finger Sling.

Finger Sling

It's not the prettiest game, but it's clear and runs smoothly.

There’s a ball in the middle of the screen. Other balls come in from the side. (The instructions are very clear that they’re balls, not discs. I’m unconvinced, but I’ll defer to the developers here.) You fling your ball around using your finger – it’s the name of the game! – and have to send the incoming balls flying before they knock the central ball out of its zone. It’s that simple. There’s the odd boss fight and you get to buy upgrades between levels, but it’s all very simple.

It works, though, which is the main thing. There’s nothing wrong with a simple concept executed well, after all. Not sure if this is still free, but if it is, go download it. If it costs money now, consider it, but don’t run.