Went back and killed the boss without potion use on my first try. Lightweight bastard. I drew his seal first time – it’s very easy, but also annoying to have to leap for the stylus when he starts exploding. I don’t like it when games shove in stylus use when it’s not needed just to say they have.

I can now summon bats and cats as well as zombies, but haven’t tried yet.

Yoko’s shop is confusing me. You can upgrade weapons with souls and release souls, but I have no idea what releasing souls is for. RTFM? Maybe it’s time.

Got stuck for a while because I didn’t notice a switch by a door, but at least wandering around randomly nets you experience and souls, so it’s not wasted time.

Into a whole new section now, but I just wimped out and ran back to an old save point because my health was getting low.