Two more bosses down – in an annoying “kill one boss, find the second two screens later” bit. Luckily, while the first one is tricky and took me three goes, the second is easy as piss. I’ve now got a lovely new move, so I’ve got to wander back through the places I’ve been looking for somewhere to use it.

I want to go back to Yoko’s shop at some point, too. After about fifteen minutes of trying I got a Great Armor soul, which I think is the next one I need to upgrade my halberd. Unfortunately, it’s a useful soul power, so I’m not sure if I should use the soul or not. So I probably need to go back and get another Great Armor soul, so I don’t actually have to choose.

According to the game’s clock, I’ve only played for 1 hour and 42 minutes, which seems very wrong indeed. I’m sure it must be more like three or four hours now. I’ve also uncovered 20.3% of the map already, but you always start off finding loads of new places. Later on I’ll be searching out a 0.3% here and a 1.2% there.

Oh, and those summoned zombies can actually be quite useful. Hooray!