I felt a bit lost when I started it up, the main quest being finished with.

So what did I do? Well, I decided go to the Arena. I’d never even been into the Arena District of the Imperial City before. Bet 50G on the blue team and lost. Gambling’s never been my thing. (Though I did get my own back my stealing 500G from the bookmaker later.) So I decided to enter the ring myself.

Piece of piss, it is. I’ve been using my trusty Sickening Bow, only changing my lovely fire sword Smelter when the long range thing isn’t working. I go out, fight, come back, heal myself and then conjure up and soul trap some scamps to refill my magical weapons. At the end of the day I wander over to the weapons shop to get some repairs done. It’s a good living and I’m up to Gladiator rank already.