I downloaded the Wizard’s Tower, the first bit of extra paid content I’ve downloaded for the game.

I was down in Anvil when I started the game up after downloading the tower, but I decided to walk to the tower instead of fast travelling there. Inevitably, I did some sightseeing and had some adventures along the way. Found a lovely bridge by a waterfall. Killed a couple of ogres and some nasty people who attacked me as I passed. Killed a nice person who wouldn’t have attacked me by mistake. I saw her up ahead and assumed she was an evil person. But, no, she had a proper name so was probably going to have a nice chat and offer me a cup of tea, possibly. I’ll never know. Couldn’t find a bed I could sleep in in the Chorrol Mage’s Guild, so I wrecked the place from top to bottom with my fireball spell. Petty, I know. Then I played the “get the fireball as close as possible to the guard” game all night while I waited for the weapons shop to open. It’s an exciting game, you should try it. The idea is, as you may have guessed, to send a fireball flying by a guard without hitting him. Knowing that if you get it wrong you’ll have to pay a fine or go to prison adds some great tension. Too much tension, in my case. After some very close shaves I couldn’t handle it any more so I stopped and spent the rest of the night summoning lots of scamps so I could use their souls to recharge my weapons.

Anyway, finding my way up the mountain the tower is on was a trial, but I got there in the end and seeing it emerge out of the fog was wonderful. It looks very, very good. Comes unfurnished, so I went across to the Imperial City to buy the furnishings. Got there at night, so slept until five in the morning in an inn and then went out to feed. Found a beggar asleep outside, so I was able to drink his blood. I like it when I don’t have to break into a house to feed. Another beggar was wandering around and I fired a sneaky arrow at her, which killed her outright and sent her slamming into a wall. I feel bad about that.

Also feel bad about sending a sneaky arrow into the back of Bruma’s stable boy’s head as he ate his lunch. Will make it easier to steal a horse in future. Though I own a horse. And never use it. So it was an utterly pointless kill. When I started playing this game I was good. Then I was honorable thief. Then I was a slightly honorable murderer. Now I’m just a vampire and a killer. I may have saved the world, but I’m just plain evil. I wonder how history would judge me, given all the facts?

Anyway, the furnished tower is superb – Shadowbanish wine in the basement! – and I’m very happy with the 15,000G and £1.50 I spent on it. The view from the top is awesome, too, despite it showing off some of the limitations of the engine.

Oh, and you know what? I can say it now: Oblivion is the best game ever. Finally, after twelve years or so we have game better than Doom.

(I do, however, reserve the right to change my mind again.)