A quest to getcha cure seemed to be setting up a twist ending that never came.

I’m avoiding as much combat as possible, relying on sneaking and, to a much greater extent, running really, really fast.

I’ve not been getting into it as I thought I would. In particular, the summoning and killing of headless zombies I’m having to do to keep all magical weapons charged is getting very tiring.

One classic Oblivion moment, though. My vampirism was getting stronger, as I hadn’t fed for a while. Needing to stay out of sunlight, I sat on a bench in the local inn until the early hours of the morning. No guests at the inn, so I snuck out into the streets and picked the lock on a local house. I crept up to the bedroom and in. A figure asleep in bed – but someone standing next to them! I froze, but the standing figure didn’t see me and instead tottered across the room, groaning. I fed on the sleeping person – priorities – then crept up to the groaning creature, which seemed to be some kind of zombie… called Uncle Leo. It’s a strange place, the Shivering Isles.