I couldn’t get any further with the Old Style game after playing more, so I tried New Style, which is more different than I thought it would be. There’s an extra initial stage and the two main stages I’ve seen so far are very different from the originals, but with lots of hints of the original layouts. Anyway, did the first stage with Mega Man and Roll, then did the Cut Man stage with Mega Man. Tried the Gut Man stage after that, but just couldn’t do it. That left me with a completion percentage of 0.6%. Of New Style mode, not including Old Style or the challenges.

And talking of challenges, I’d unlocked the Cut Man ones, so did the first two of them without much trouble. Then the third one took me a long, long, long time. Number of goes well into triple figures. But unlike, say, Marble Blast, it doesn’t feel unfair or impossible. The fourth Cut Man challenge was hard, but much, much easier and went down within thirty or forty tries. The fifth one… well, I took one look at it and ran away. Tried the third Mega Man one, having down the first two earlier, but just couldn’t do it. After about twenty tries I was really feeling tired, so I just gave up.

I’m knackered and the battery is low again, anyway. You do get an awful lot of game for your money.