I’ve just used up a fully charged battery on this, near enough. PSP needs more battery life.

Mostly Old Style game, which is almost the same as the original Mega Man game. Music and graphics have been changed and enemies and bullets don’t pass through walls any more, which makes a big difference. Did the Cutman level – twice, because autosave, er, doesn’t – then the Gutman level, then the Bombman level. No real trouble with any of them. Then tried the Elecman level. Getting to the end isn’t a problem, but Elecman has a stupidly powerful attack and I can hardly get any hits in before he kills me. It’s annoying. So I tried the Iceman level and haven’t been able to get to the end of that at all yet.

Other than that, I tried a couple of the challenge levels, which were fun. I see you need to play the New Style game to unlock new challenges, but I don’t really want to play that until I’ve finsihed off Old Style. However, Old Style may be a bit too tough, so maybe I’ll have a crack at New Style later.

Also went online and downloaded a user made level called “Just try it!!” Was fine until I got to a bit I just couldn’t do at all. Broken level or am I just rubbish? I don’t know.