Oh, oops, forget what I wrote just now.

I just started this up again and tried playing it as a standard shooter. Turns out, it’s better than I gave it credit for. There’s not enough ammo to do the whole demo level with a gun, I don’t think, but a nice cover system and a better aiming mode (that I missed first time round), makes for a good, solid (if unspectacular) shooter – though the enemy AI doesn’t seem to be up for much.

Then add in your destructive options and… BOOM!

Also, this time when I got to the bridge the truck I was on continued driving straight over it and I won the demo. Hooray!

According to the blurb you get when finishing the demo, this is an open world game, which sounds fun.

My interested levels have gone up for this. I’ll put it down as a probably buy. But I will check reviews and Internet impressions first.