This has now been sent back to Lovefilm, uncompleted and surprisingly unloved.

I’m not sure what the problem was. I loved the demo when I played it a few months ago and I expected that I’d love this game, but it didn’t come together. I could blame too many dull drives or the slightly awkward shooting. I think, though, that I might be to blame. I just don’t think I’ve got any patience at the moment. Every moment that wasn’t the Best Thing Ever, every death, every restart, they all put me off the game.

I’m just so used to iPhone gaming these days, which consists of five minutes of fun, a check of Twitter, a refresh of some forums, a peek at Google Reader, back to a game for a few minutes, etc.

That might not be it, either, though. I just might be one of those restless phases at the moment.

Though, that said, I played Arkham Asylum to death for a few days not so long ago, so maybe Red Faction simply isn’t as good as I wanted it to be.