A mixed bag, really. It’s being sold on the destruction, which is awesome. If you, like me, just enjoy games that let you destroy buildings, then you’re going to be giggling with glee here. Bombs, giant hammers, great big walking mining machines – everything you need to smash stuff up.

It’s great.

On the downside, though, the guns feel rubbish, the enemies have no personality and I keep dying in exactly the same place in the mission and I’m not really sure why. I’m on the back of a truck, firing at enemies coming to me from behind. The truck slows to a stop just before a bridge, my body flies through the air and the mission is failed. It happens at exactly the same point every time. Very odd.

Still, walking through buildings in a giant walking machine as they fall apart around me… I’m not sure that’s ever going to get old. It’s just curiously lifeless when things aren’t falling into bits and, so far, if you strip the destruction away, I think you’d just have a standard FPS from the previous generation of consoles. It really feels like an average PS2 FPS when you’re not destroying stuff. Let’s hope they tweak it a bit before release or, alternatively, that the full game has you blowing up buildings without pause.

I’m interested in the full game now, but I’m not yet sold on it.