On Friday night I had my first taste of the online multiplayer, after being invited into a group of friends. We had a good time, but I saw a lot more glitches than I’ve seen in the single player game. And not having persistent sessions is an absolutely baffling design decision. I didn’t win any races, unfortunately, but I didn’t do too badly. If jochta hadn’t been playing, I might have had a chance of finishing first now and again.

The rest of the weekend has been spent in single player. I’ve done a lot of races down in the south-west of the map. Going from the Ashtray to Stagazers’ Peak and Pinwheel Ridge, just doing the career races with an occasional detour if I found myself near something of interest. It’s odd how, speaking very generally, the career races in fuel aren’t nearly as interesting as the challenges. They’re great fun, but they don’t have that little extra that makes the challenges so special.