Got an Achievement last night. First one in a while. It was the one for collecting one hundred liveries. As luck would have it, it wasn’t just a random livery for a vehicle I never use, but a new design for my beloved Dustgrinder bike. Hooray!

Collected another livery after that, then went off to do an actual career race – this one a buggy race that took place mostly on roads. Took me three tries, but was pretty easy once I discovered a shortcut at the beginning of the race that put me far enough ahead that I could avoid being overtaken on the bits that I couldn’t do very well. There was a hairpin on to gravel which I could never quite get right, a jump it was hard to hit at the correct angle and a curved, woody section where I knew there must be a shortcut – the AI cars were certainly finding it – but which I couldn’t find. Excellent race.