Played this for a couple of hours last night while the wife played The Sims 3. Managed to go over half an hour without seeing a road or dirt track as I tried to get the Warrior to climb a mountain with a vista point on the top. Several likely looking slopes proved fruitless, but I got there eventually… then fell off. Another climb and I reached the vista point. That was a good feeling. Then found some more points of interest before trying out a checkpoint race across the top of the Dead Lady’s Lake area. Took me several tries, but I eventually won it, despite not being able to find a shortcut the other cars were using. I like races where I get to drive the General Custer. It may not be the best car I could have used, but I know how to drive it and didn’t want to spend any money on a new vehicle that may have been rubbish.

It’s funny, a few days away from the game and the scale astonished me all over again when I jumped back in. There’s also a lot of variation and character to the different areas, despite the small number of different objects and terrain styles. In a sequel I would dearly love to see many more unique buildings. Could they be generated, as the world is, I wonder?