I’m stuck on a level. There’s a row of vending machines guarded by a bully. I need to go and get a chocolate bar from a vending machine and bring it back to a girl. I’ve tried quite a few things so far. Some examples:

First up, summon GOD to kill the bully. That fails the level. Obviously killing the bully isn’t allowed. Hmm.

Put a BLINDFOLD on the bully. He seems to see me anyway and kills me.

Give myself an INVISIBILITY CLOAK, same thing.

Put RESTRAINTS on the bully, no effect.

Summon GALLOWS to scare the bully into repenting his life of crime. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t work.

Make a PIT for the bully to fall into, but there’s nowhere on the level to put it.

Attach a ROPE to the bully and then to PEGASUS. Try to fly the PEGASUS away, but there’s nowhere safe to drop the bully.

Use a SHRINK RAY on the bully and put a TABLE over him. He can run out from under the table and even a tiny bully can kill me.

Use the SHRINK RAY to shrink the bully, then GLUE him to a BOULDER. He runs around with the BOULDER attached and kills me.

GLUE the bully to a CAT. Summon a MOUSE, hoping the cat will drag the bully off. No luck.

Summon a MOM to shame the bully into being good, but instead he just kills her and then comes after me.

Use a FREEZE RAY on the bully. Before I can get over the big block of ice he’s been trapped in he breaks out and kills me.

Summon a NERD to distract the bully. Works quite well, but the bully kills the NERD very easily, then kills the girl I’m trying to get chocolate for.

Summon another NERD, but this time give the NERD a KNIFE, hoping to even things up. NERD now kills bully and the level is failed.

More experimentation needed.