So, I tried a few more times.

Following a suggestion from another person, I tried just creating a CHOCOLATE BAR. The girl ate it happily, but I didn’t get the starite.

Then I tried creating a VENDING MACHINE, which dispensed a chocolate bar, but it wasn’t good enough, either.

I summoned a BULLY, hoping the two bullies would be evenly matched and I could run past and get a chocolate bar in time, but the one I created killed the existing one and I failed the level.

Finally, I created a WALL and put it on the level between the bully and the girl. Then I created a NERD. The bully ran over to kill him, at which point I created another WALL, trapping the bully. Now there were two WALLs between me and the vending machines, with a bully in the middle. I created some WINGS, flew over to the vending machine, got the chocolate bar, flew back, gave it to the girl and – hooray! – success! I used four objects and the par for that level is three, which means I got less money for completing it, but I’m really not worrying about that at the moment.

Funnily enough, the last two posts have been about Scribblenauts at its best, as far as I’m concerned. Unlike the action levels, puzzle levels like these usually have goals to achieve to make the starite appear and are a bit more restrictive in their rules. It’s a shame it doesn’t tell you the bully has to survive in the description of the level, but it doesn’t take long to figure that out.