PRO: It’s Castlevania!

CON: In 3D!

Not played this before despite having it for years, but I’m home sick, so thought I’d give it a go.

Starts with some annoyingly long cut scenes. I really don’t see the point. Maybe fanboys will get some sad geek shivers at seeing this Belmont being given a whip, but… hang on, hang on! I’m a geek and I didn’t get any sad geek shivers. Cut scene failure, then.

Once into the game – oh, sweet interactivity! – you run around whipping monsters and jumping around. Unfortunately, while you can normally whip what you want to – as long as the camera is gracious enough to show you your target – jumping is incredibly imprecise. Which probably explains why there’s not a lot of it. Just enough to be really very annoying, mind.

Anyway, I got to some red skeleton guys who kept coming back to (un)life while a giant eyeball shot laser vision at me and I died. And I didn’t fancy restarting from the last time I bothered saving, so I gave up.

Plus, I’ve already got a Dual Shock finger blister. Stupid dangerous Sony controllers.