Sony really don’t make this easy to love. Bought it from the store, waited a couple of hours for it to download… then had to try for three hours for to download an update. Progress bar was going up incredibly slowly and it kept failing. I thought I was going to have to leave it overnight, but just as I was going to bed I checked the PS3 and the update had finished, so I actually managed to get two quick races in before sleep.

Leapt it and bought an RX-8 and took it to London in arcade mode, with everything set to the defaults. Hit many barriers and didn’t do very well at all.

Then I went to the first C-class event and played with physics on professional and traction control turned down to 1. Still kept it on automatic gears because I can’t do manual. Not in games, not in real life. Came first by a long way, despite spinning out in the same place both laps.

It was excellent and all the installation nonsense was forgiven as soon as I was driving. Looks very nice, though London stuttered a bit here and there.

Pity there’s no way to turn the music off during a race.