Had a wonderful few hours with this on Sunday morning. It just clicked. Throwing the Integra round that windy, hilly countryside track was a definite highlight. I wasn’t suddenly get golds in everything, mind. I did, however, finish of the C-class stages with a mixture of bronzes and golds. (No silvers, oddly.) I also went online. My RX-8 couldn’t really compete with all the concept cars everyone else seemed to be fielding, but I did okay. Apart from one race where I smashed into the wall on the last corner I managed to end each race in the middle of the rankings and, more importantly, I wasn’t an awful driver. Maybe I was a little too safe, but I didn’t smash into people or go spinning off the track, so that was lovely. Infuriating and addictive in equal measure, once I get a decent car or two I think I’ll be okay. (Either that or the extra power will prove to be completely uncontrollable and I’ll be awful.) Shame about the lag – cars jump around a bit and don’t become insubstantial quickly enough for my liking – but it’s still great.