So, I’ve got two PSPs. An old Japanese launch model, the size of six houses, and a lovely slim, light PSP 2000. I’ve had OFW on the brick and CFW on the 2000. Trouble is, I’m a good boy. I pay to download real copies of games and buy real UMDs, which I can’t play on CFW. (Not without fucking about patching things and torrenting files and shit, anyway, and life’s too short.) So for the last, I don’t know, year or so, I’ve only been using my horrible old PSP, wishing I could play my games on the nice, newer PSP. So I bit the bullet and put the latest OFW on my PSP 2000. Now I can play my games on my good PSP. Hooray! EXCEPT for the fact that Gran Turismo for some reason I cannot begin to fathom locks its save data to the PSP it’s created on, so to play the fucking game I had to delete many hours of play and start all over again. Fucker.

Still, it’s a glorious game – once you turn off all the horrible, fun-sapping driving aids and put the physics on Professional – and hopefully now I’ll play it more now it’s on a much nicer console.