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Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Demo (360)

I… it… I… um… it…


I have no idea what I just played. It’s a third-person running, jumping and driving game where you go around completely random environments while characters spout nonsensical “instructions” at you and every now and again you find something that actually resembles some sort of actual game. Okay, maybe the “game” part will only involve driving your cart into a ball so it rolls down a hill and you win, but at least it’s something with rules (that aren’t explained, mind) and actual objectives (that aren’t properly explained, either).

And then add in some interface that lets you build vehicles from bits you find. Which fall apart as soon as you leave the garage.

And then there are millions of pauses to load stuff. And a robotic skull witch. And something with Pong for a face. And clockwork birds. And things that look a bit like mice and a bit like foxes, but not much like either. And lots of different things to collect, though I’ve no idea why I was collecting them. (I’m sure it was explained, but it was explained using words that in turn required an explanation that never came.)

Completely baffling and, given the seeming reliance on fairly poor mini games, probably not very good. But I really can’t tell for sure.

Word Soup Demo (360)

A bit like Bookworm.

Seems all right.

Might spend 400 points on it, because I think the wife would get good value from it.

Weapon of Choice Demo (360)

A highly playable Contra-style shooter with what must be intentionally vile graphics. I mean, really. It looks like someone ate every side-scrolling platform shooter ever made and then vomited them up over some Jackson Pollock paintings. Assuming Jackson Pollock had painted in neon.

I’m tempted to punt 400 points on it, though, because it is good fun.