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Star Trigon (iPod)

I didn’t play my own music on my iPod today, instead I decided to listen to the in-game music for the games I played.

And Star Trigon as well as being a very good game has some excellent, excellent music. Happy, bouncy tunes that make me smile. But, remember, this is coming from a man who bought a Mr Driller double soundtrack CD.

In fact, the presentation of the game is very Mr Driller indeed. Same style of graphics, same style of music, even shared characters.

Star Trigon (iPod)

One button arcade/puzzle game where you draw triangles in space. Done the beginner stages, seems fun. Quicker than I was expecting, so harder than I was expecting, so better than I was expecting.

Incredibly important information: It has Susumu from Mr. Driller in it.

Uno (iPod)

Does what it says on the tin.