Archive for November, 2008

In The Pit Demo (360)

One of those rare games with no graphics. You play a blind monster that lives in the dark, so have to hunt by sound. A nice (if not original) idea, which works well. No way on earth I’m paying 400 points for it, though. Two hundred would be highly unlikely to make me buy it. A hundred points and I’d almost definitely give it a go, though.

A Kingdom for Keflings Demo (360)

Light, easy village building game. The sort of thing I’ll like and the wife will love. A definite pay day purchase for 800 points. Wouldn’t pay any more for it, I don’t think.

Star Trigon (iPod)

Wonderful stuff, but it’s got very hard. Not only does it require very precise timing, but I’m now at the stage where I need to actually plan how to tackle a stage, rather than just wing it.

A far better game than the reviews on iTunes would suggest.